About Us

Sacramento Masters has been a U.S. Masters Swimming club since 1970. We promote swimming for fitness, friendly competition, and camaraderie for swimmers ages 18 years and up. We’re thrilled to offer coached practices at the North Natomas Aquatic Complex.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • 1)  Question: Do I have to know how to swim?
    • Answer: Yes, if you can:
      • Swim two laps without stopping to rest at the wall.
      • Breath to the side while swimming.
      • Share a lane with other swimmers (e.g., circular pattern swimming on the right-hand side of the lane).
  • 2)  Question: Do I have to know all the strokes?
    • Answer: No.
  • 3)  Question: How fast do I have to be?
    • Answer: Our swimmers range from swimming one 100-yard swim on the minute and all the way to two minutes.
  • 4)  Question: I only want to swim once in awhile. Do you accept drop ins?
    • Answer: We do not accept drop in swimmers, but we do have a Saturday-only option (see Registration tab for more info).
  • 5)  Question: Do I have to be a member of U.S. Masters Swimming (USMS)?
    • Answer: Yes. You can register with USMS here.
  • 6)  Question: Is there a coach on deck?
    • Answer: Yes.
  • 7)  Question: Will the coach help me with my stroke(s)?
    • Answer: Yes, we will give advice on deck, analyze your stroke(s), and give constructive comments.
  • 8)  Question: Can I try out swimming with Sac Masters to see if it fits my schedule and abilities without signing up for the membership?
    • Answer: Yes, contact the head coach, Andy Brenan, for more information [email protected]
  • 9)  Question: Do I have to compete at swim meets?
    • Answer: We are a masters competitive swim team so there are a number of swimmers that will be attending swim meets and open water swims.  This is optional since there are a number of swimmers who just want to stay in shape or get back into shape and have a challenging workout.
  • 10) Question: If I am from out of town, can I participate?
    •  Answer: Yes - you have to be a member of USMS. Please contact the head coach, Andy Brenan, for more information [email protected]
  • 11) Question: How much are the dues?
    •  Answer: See registration and schedule information. Membership is currently $75 per month.
  • 12) Question: Can I go to multiple workouts?
    •  Answer: With a monthly membership, you can participate in as many or as few of the schedule workouts during the week as you like.  You can also go to more than one per day.
  • 13) Question: Will the dues change?
    •  Answer: Our goal is to not increase and possibly decrease dues depending upon membership numbers and operating costs.
  • 14) Question: Are there any other teams in the area?
    •  Answer: Yes, Rio Del Oro Sports Club, Davis Aquatic Masters, Rocklin Aquatic Master and Folsom Marlins all have USMS teams.
  • 15) Question: Do you offer water polo?
    • ​Answer: No, but Confluence Water Polo Club is connected to water polo options for youth and adults at the Natomas Aquatic Complex.
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