2023 Holiday Party

Jair Bautista

2023 is behind us but it was a great year for our swimmers and SACMA and I hope the 2023 vibes are a harbinger of a hopeful 2024. Our year finished with a bang at our annual Holiday party and there were no shortages of food, drinks, gifts, and laughs. We were all winners at the gift exchange but none in comparison to Monica and Dah who must have unwrapped half the gifts! 

Special thanks to our gracious and hospitable hosts Diana, Rachel, and Theo!! Thank you for the coaches for all the challenging workouts and their dedication to us night, (very early) day, rain, or (hot) shine. Thank you to all of the swimmers for making practices that much more fun. It really is a pleasure to keep swimming with old friends and making new ones along the way. 

I hope 2024 continues with this trend.