SACMA Makes a Splash in Albany and Dashes the SF Mile

Jair Bautista

17 of our SACMA swimmers attended the Splash and Dash pentathlon in Albany on February 24th. Congratulations to everyone on your hard-earned times and training dedication leading up to the meet. A big thank you to all the coaches for the workouts that prepared us for the meet, including relays off the blocks and stroke-heavy workouts those last few weeks. It was lovely to see everyone cheer each other on and bask in the excitement. We finished the meet with relays and those were equal parts fun and chaotic!

Interesting facts/neutral observations:

  • SACMA won 4th place overall in team points
  • SACMA women and men won 4th place and 6th place in their respective categories (GO LADIES!)
  • Kassidy is SACMA's unofficial simpatico photobomber
  • Tsan can nap through a cacophony
  • Carina had a surprising visitor at the end of her relay swim (iykyk) 

The next morning, 4 swimmers swam the SF mile at the City College of San Francisco. In a lot of ways this meet contrasted nicely with Saturday's because, even though a mile's swim time is much longer than the accumulated swim time of a pentathlon, there is much more down time between heats to catch your breath and absorb everything in. Congratulations to Sally, Kim, and Michael for their amazing times! It was really satisfying to see you all finish that 66th lap—68th for our overachiever Kim!

There's at least 2 more meets you can all participate in before the championships in May that we'll be hosting. I hope that everyone gets a chance to swim in a competition this year! It's a really wholesome experience and competition jitters aside, I would encourage everyone to participate for the fun and camaraderie of it all. 

See you next year at the Solano Junction ;)

More photos: